Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue are a duo of games based on the popular Mystery Dungeon Series. They are RPG games where you take control of the Pokemon and gain a Rescue Force featuring any of the Pokemon.

You are a person who randomly got turned into a Pokemon (like when Bill was a jigglypuff in leaf green). Your task, complete the dungeons and find a way to return to human form. You get to choose a partner who will help you through your journey and travel until you finish the game. What you have to do is help other Pokemon who have asked for your help. They get lost in dungeons, or loose items in dungeons and you need to rescue them with your Rescue Force.

All 386 Pokemon are obtainable in this game to join your rescue force and are seen battling in one of the almost 50 dungeons. Some of them include massive Legendary Bosses like Rayquaza, Deoxys, or Mewtwo.


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